A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Well, I promised I'd upload something at the end of the Game Jame, so here's an early prototype of my game, with lots of bugs and an incomplete level, but hey, I did it :)

I'll be working much more on this  to get something complete out there, but for now, enjoy the idea.

Install instructions


WASD: Move Ship (up, left, down, right)

SPACE: Fire Bullet


UP: Turn Ship

DOWN: Land Ship

(You may notice the "config" and "quit" menus do nothing, so for now you are stuck with the above control scheme. Sorry!)


The Void Mac.zip 14 MB
The Void Win.zip 14 MB


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Couldn't play much with my azerty keyboard but from what I've tried the game looks and plays great for a jam game :D Keep it up, I'd love to see you grow a story around this game ^^

damn. I thought about that early on and then totally forgot to add the option. I won't be near a computer for the next bunch of hours, but next chance I get I'll add checkboxes for QWERTY/AZERTY in the config menu (which doesn't exist yet) and re-up. Thanks for the warning, something I should have remembered.