WASD to move

Left Click to attack Blood Golems

Don't let the Golems join the BLOODWAVE!

If they do, Right Click to cast the BLOODWAVE SCAB spell!


Project/source available on github:



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Not bad, I would suggest to make the wave go faster over time or something as the game is pretty easy in its current state.  Could maybe make another spell that slows the wave down and uses more mana to counter that.  Then the player needs to decide to save their mana to slow it down or save it for the scab spell in case they mess up.  I only let one golem into the wave just to see what would happen and then used the scab spell.  I was pretty much always full on mana and I figured out the level pattern well enough to kill each golem that spawned every time.  Still a really cool concept and with enough polish I think this could be a great game!


Hey thanks. Yeah, literally all of that is on the to-do list already, haha. I had expected to have at least 6 or so maps created, to be randomly spawned, but I just haven't had the time to put in that I'd have liked (obviously fully random would be better. Had that at first, but dudes were spawning in walls and i didn't have the time to properly prevent that either...) And yes, there is ZERO balance to the gameplay at this point.